Went a Little Crazy in Oxfam…


Well, okay, maybe not that crazy. Come on I only bought four… They came to a grand total of £2 though so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself!

It may surprise you that I actually know nothing about any one of these books. Of course I’ve seen the movie for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ advertised but, shock horror, I haven’t seen it yet. Which is terrible really because I have a pretty big thing for Leo. Basically all I know about these four books is what I’ve read on the back cover. If you know me you’ll know that this is quite a depart from the norm. I don’t usually delve into any book without reading hundreds of reviews about it first on Goodreads, then after that ritual I’ll spend about an hour in Waterstones deciding which one I want. So I’m going in completely blind here guys and it’s actually quite exciting! Here is the list of the following books I purchased today:

  1. ‘The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ – Alexander McCall Smith
  2. ‘The God of Small Things’ – Arundhati Roy
  3. ‘Girl Reading’ – Katie Ward
  4. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – Jordan Belfort

Surprisingly the one I’m most looking forward to reading is ‘Girl Reading’, and I’ll tell you why. It is structured into seven main chapters, with each chapter focusing solely on one woman. Each woman is from a different time period with the dates ranging from the year 1333 to 2060. I have no idea if any of these stories overlap or if they remain as stand alone chapters from that particular character’s perspective. Not being a huge fan of a structure that essentially encompasses short stories I’m really interested to see how this novel develops. Of course I’m going out on a whim here in thinking that each chapter will be like a short story in relation to the novel, so if any of you know anything about this book and have had a fabulous reading experience of it, please let me know I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve resolutely decided to not read any in depth reviews for any of these books. It’s going to be difficult but I’m determined to go into each of these blind, without my reading experience being hindered by any expectations. This is obviously a completely new undertaking for me so I’m really excited! Stay tuned for the reviews that will doubtless follow, based on my current ‘to-read’ list I’m not sure when I’ll get around to these but hopefully I’ll be able to get stuck in soon!

Thanks for reading guys, I’m sure I’m not the only one that frantically stalks the charity shops and comes out with armfuls and armfuls of books every few months… okay every few weeks…


2 thoughts on “Went a Little Crazy in Oxfam…

  1. I’ve not bought any books from a charity shop for a long time, and you’ve inspired me to do so! I shan’t give any spoilers, but God of Small Things is brilliant, I hope you enjoy it.
    Girl Reading sounds a bit like Cloud Atlas, which I loved, I’ll have to look out for it!

    • Ahh you must get yourself to one quickly quickly!! Just don’t let it turn into an addiction like mine… God of Small Things was my second most promising pick I’ll make sure to get stuck in as soon as possible! I’ve heard many good things about Cloud Atlas but never thought to pick it up before, I’ll have to give it a try.

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